Laurie Lee

When I came to live in Urubamba I was several months pregnant and already knew I wanted a homebirth. The first thing I did was ask around in the pharmacies

and clinics but nobody knew of any midwives and told me I had to go to a doctor. Feeling discouraged I considered having my birth unassisted. There was no

way on earth I was going to a hospital to have my baby, especially not the hospitals in Peru, no offense.

Then one day I was in an internet place and decided to Google «Urubamba midwife» and I’m so glad I did because I found Leonie. I sent her an email and heard

back from her right away and we started prenatal care almost immediately. Of course, after living in Urubamba a while longer I found that she was rather well

known and very well loved and respected in the area. What a good thing to have found someone totally competent, caring and skillfull.

My pregnancy went smoothly and so did the birth. I felt completely secure that I was healthy, the baby was healthy and that she would allow us the space to

do our thing. I never once felt pressure to push, or not to push, just totally supported in any position I wanted to take or if I wanted to move around from

room to room. When our daughter was arriving she very skillfully cared for me so I wouldn’t tear, then helped my husband cut the cord. She helped me put her

on the breast and also with the delivery of the placenta. She even cooked for me after, her and her daughter cleaned the place up a bit, made sure I was warm

and comfortable and left.

Throughout the process I was so grateful to have found her. I couldn’t have imagined doing all that myself, there’s no way. For one thing she is just a

reassuring presence to have around. Also, she knows her herbs and has a whole lot of experience to handle every little detail. For example, when I was

laboring out the placenta it was a little difficult and she pulled a feather out of her bag and had me tickle the back of my throat with it. After just a few

tries of this my placenta came out very easily. Whoever evenn heard of that before? Also, she gave me some gauze with herbs and honey on them for afterward

and I was healed in just a matter of days. I stopped bleeding very soon afterwards also and I attribute that to the easy birth and also the fresh herbs she

gave me to make tea to drink.

I highly recommend Leonie for anyone in the Sacred Valley who needs prenatal care and/or is looking to give birth here. She knows doctors too, in case

there’s a need for them at any time. I also knows she is an all round health care provider and I would trust her for that as well. Thank you Leonie, so much,

for being there for us. When I told you I loved you and your daughter after the birth I meant it and still do. Take care and I will have pictures for you soon. ❤

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