Sophie Harrison

Leoni is someone who i will always hold so warmly in my heart ,for she helped me to have one of the most powerful and amazing journeys of my life!
I had been traveling for many years around the world when i found out i was pregnant.Me and my partner were in Brasil,and it was a big surprise!…Somehow i felt i wanted to give birth in peru ,so we travelled overland through bolivia ,until we reached Cusco.I wasn’t sure where exactly or with who i was going to give birth ,until my 7th or 8th month when were living in the sacred valley and a local woman recommended Leoni.
Immidiatly i knew that she was the perfect woman for me ,i loved her strength ,and confidence ,we were living a way out of a small village with no electricity or running water,this was no problem for Leoni ,she told me how she went with a head torch up the mountain to help the local women give birth!!!
when i went into labour at 1am my waters broke! so partner went to fetch Leoni and i had some time alone by the fire,which really helped to feel calm and connected to the baby..My daughter Ea’s birth was long ,but to me a magical ,beautiful journey.Leoni came with all her herbs which she laid out ,we all rested ,laughed and ate and i remember Leoni’s calm strength and warm heart felt so supportive to me.she said it would take time so she started to crochet a jumper!!her relaxed manner was so great.she gave me herbs to drink and sent us walking up the mountain to get things moving,When it became intense she breathed with me,and gave me herbs for energy,her knowledge of natural birthing was so reassuring and amazing .
My daughter Ea Tinuviel Devi was born by the fire at 7.30 in the morning .
When i delivered the placenta i hemmoraged quite badly and (from what i remember )the situation became a bit critical as i lost alot of blood and passed out and had to be revived!.Leoni was sooo amazing as she showed no panic,she remained calm and therefore we had no idea of how dangerous it could have been .I feel that her ability to deal with this calmly and without panic saved my life and her knowledge of nutrition and herbs meant that i recovered very quickly.This gave me a deep respect for Leoni and her amazing journey as midwife.
I feel forever such deep gratitude and love for her.
I have now just had a little boy who i gave birth to at home in our yurt in england ,without any complications or loosing any blood.
any woman who has the opportunity to have Leoni as a midwife is very lucky….her warm heart and earthy strength is everything you can ask for in a midwife along with her amazing knowledge and skill……i cannot express in words how much respect and love i have for her!….thank you again Leoni for helping me have a magical experiance i will carry with me for all my life!!!

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