Marie Patton

Finally getting around to writing it out!!! This is a birth story, so before you start to read it be ready…
We were all a bit nervous because my tendency to give birh so freakin quick.
On the 21st of June, I had a pretty good run of contractions, 20 minutes apart, so we called Leonie and she came to the house on the 22nd. It seemed like we might go into labor. Pretty good contractions and they started getting closer. We set up all of the equipment and all got super excited, but at about 9pm everything just stopped. We all went to bed and got a good rest, nothing happened in the morning so Leonie and Kata left.
We thought that we might have a nice slow labor after that, so we all agreed that we would call if anything happened. Nothing happened, so Leonie came on the 3rd of July to just do a check up. Allen and I had just done a meet and greet for a group of 16 teenagers, I was feeling a bit tired and irritated, ready to have the baby already.
She started the checkup and realized that Asher was not head down, but transverse, he had changed position some time during the week. Thank God for a great midwife, she was able to turn him gently and quickly. Then time to get out and walking to make sure that he stayed that way. I was not dialated at all. Had I gone to the doctor at that point, they would have done a c-section.
Leonie stayed throughout the afternoon and was considering heading home, but decided to stay for the night. Good thing!!! No contractions, no dialation, nothing.
And then I woke up at around 1 AM in LABOR. I got up and went to the bathroom, got a drink of water and then started thinking that if it was going to keep up like this I was not going to make it. I started fumbling around and trying to get things ready, put on socks, keep things together…
Yeah right!!! Finally I woke Allen up and said to get Leonie and Kata now. I had only been in labor for 20 minutes or so but felt that it was going quick.
Leonie and Kata came in at 1:45 A and set up all the essentials for the birth. Suddenly I was feeling the urge to push and then I was pushing. Leonie was right there to catch. She put Asher right onto ,my chest and he began to cry. He was perfect, breathing well and pink.
Allen called the kids and Alexis, Seth and Lilly got up and came to meet Asher Alyn. We all talked to him and told him welcome to the family! It was an amazing moment!
We all were back in bed and resting by 3am.
Thank God for allowing us to have another awesome birth and healthy boy!!!!

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