I came to Leonie because one of my daughters had a rash on her back. Because she was shy and a little scared, Leonie played ‘let’s look at daddy’s back first then’ .. when she saw my back, she made a comment about the two black spots I had there. I knew already from December that I had two spots of (probably) skin cancer. I have had it before: my back and belly are covered in marks from doctors who cut or burned pieces of skin out. That was the reason I still had these two spot: every time a doctor had taken things out of my skin, it felt bad! like he took a piece of me away.
Leonie offered to take them away with herbs. I decided to go for that.
When I came back for the treatment Leonie put a mixture of herbs on the spots (there were three, not two) and closed it of with a patch. It had to stay on for 48 hours. These 48 hours were unpleasant. The burning feeling touched layers of me that came from long long ago. I fainted twice and when my husband took the patches of, we saw big burn like wounds, with white spots all around.
We went back to Leonie and she repeated the same procedure. We talked about the underlying problem that causes these spots. During the 48 hours I had felt many emotions, I had dreams and sensations and it already became clear to me why it was that I was sick. She offered to help me with this process if I felt like it. The emotional part of it.
After 24 hours we could take of the patches and I had big wounds where the herbs came of. After a few days, I was in the shower and (sorry for the details!) the bad looking, pussy top of the wound, came of.. and what appeared was clean, pink, new skin! I felt happy!!

I have three pink marks on my skin.. they itch a bit (to remind me of the healing I still have to do on other levels?), but they look good. I started a new personal process and I am still on the diet that Leonie gave me. I feel good. Getting my energy back, looking the monster straight in the eyes, with the promise to myself not to get sick again.

Leonie knows what she is doing. She is a powerful healer and a dear friend. I feel grateful. Not only because she took away the bad spots on my skin with her herbs, but because she was there for me as a friend! Being clear and straightforward where needed, and soft and loving all the way…

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