Año Nuevo

So for my birthday i wish to share and gift my experience of recieving our 2nd child!!! she is an absolut gift to our lives… the birth of katara i have to say that the birth story of this great soul came like from a fantasy book her name was revealed to us as a game my wife and lev were playing with me while we were in the beach in the north of peru… there is this caracter from avatar the series for kids that she is the master of water and lev really likes her so while we were looking for names that name came up and ever since there was not any other name as an option… i wanted a hebrew name , but again no other name could fit her!!! she has an amazing connection to the water element from the beginning but saying that could not predict the following event as it happend in her story of birth… my wife felt she wants to give birth in the water which is a difficult task as we are living in the high mountains of peru and the water are coming from the snow of apu chicon and they come super cold… so for that task i had to be super super ready… so i had to use technology that doesnt exist here in peru that can heat the water very effectivly using electricity… as well i bought an extra gas and a huge pot to heat the water by gas as well… the pool had 400 liters of water so imagin to have that hot was a hard task indeed… but comparing to my wife i had an easy task here so no complaints… anyhow the day of her birth was a very special day… the beginning of the year…and the new moon!!! we started that day with talking to her one by one and give her our blessings… when lev turn to speak he told her to come today by the evening!!! it was the first time he realy spoke to her but she recieved his message… 1 hour after, my wifes mucous plug came out which was the first real sign of movement… few hours later in front of our house literaly started a fire on the mountain… literaly in front!!! was like a private demonstration of the kundalini energy that was activated in our house… at that moment i was very sure she is coming today… and i knew that she will come with the blessings of the rain… few hours after the fire stopped , burning a big part of the mountain… and than started to blow strong winds… the element were showing their precence… by sunset time my wife was in advanced waves and breathing deeply… the pool was ready for her with very warm water, the midewife was present quietly and respectfully whithout being noticed… the scenario for my wife was set perfectly and as she entered the water the waves started to be more intense!!! the fire was on , the candles gave a soft light and the warm water were giving her the softness she needed… i was trying to be as much relaxed as most of my work was done… i petted her alot and pured water over her body to soft the pain and create a soft sound of water …. after 2 hours in the water it was time!!! suddenly out of nowhere, a strong rain started to fall… at that moment tears came down my eyes as i knew that it is the sign for her arrival… my wife asked for more hot water, when i came back with the bucket i saw she was standing in the water, and than she grabbed me and there we were… the midewife recieving katara and me holding my wife and breathing!!! it was all very quick…suddenly between her legs there she was… very slippery and very dark that i could not see nor grab her..in that moment my wife could grab her and sit with her in the water…the midewife aparently did an amazing work as she had to tear the bag – katara came out with the bag and 3 rounds of cord around her neck!! our midewife is a grandmother that attended thousands of birth so we were very relaxed knowing she can handle every situation that will come… once relaxed with katara in her hands, the rain suddenly stopped and a big thunder was sounded in the sky informing she is here… i couldnt believe how the elements were playing their part in her birth in such a powerfull way…than it was time to recieve her placenta… in levs birth we decided to recieve the placenta and not to cut the cord, rather to let lev to release himeself from the cord in his own time (full lotus birth) but in this case my wife decided she wants to burn the cord, so when the placenta came out, as my wife was in the water we couldnt burn the cord… than the midewife passed me the szisors… with a heavy heart and alot of gratitude for the nourishment she gave to my daughter i asked for permission to release her and also asked for forgivness as i felt the cord was still alive…i still remember that feeling of cutting the cord that was still feeding her emotionaly…once that was done agustina was very relaxed which is the most important all and all… the baby is healthy and the mother is healthy!!! before the midewife left , she came back out of nowhere telling us that she also noticed the elements participation in her birth and she was saying that katara is very powerful and blessed… one week after her birth i can say that we sleep soooooo good, she is very quiet and contemplative baby…. agustina is an amazing mother for the secong time… only this time she is super conscious and she is not afraid!!! she is so powerfull and i feel soooo blessed to have them in my life!!! lev was mostly in his room the entire time watching a movie…the birth finished in 3 hours aprox and life will change forever as our family is now expanded… lev is a big brother and he will protect his sister all his life i am sure!!! Agus is a real warrior, the way she was going threw the birth was inspiring!!! very calm most of the way, breathing deeply between each wave and very concious of the whole process!!! I trully honour you for being the mother of our kids and the partner in my life! I love you. so this is it… if you read all the way threw and feel to share it , please do… i believe every mother has the right to go threw this intense and impowering experience… to be aware of the emotions and physical pain that comes with recieving this gift of life!!! thank you , thank you , thank you

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