Weston Hoard

I met Leonie by chance when i had come to Peru to work with another medicine women for health reasons.
The group i stayed with had booked Las Chullpas and it was there that i had the incredible fortune to meet Leonie.
The minute one comes in contact with her, i believe her incredible power and energy as a human being is obvious.
I asked to book a session with her to see if there was a second opinion she could offer me for a Rheumatoid arthritis condition i was diagnosed with. Leonie informed me that she believed my previous diagnosis was incorrect and told me that my high pain levels were due to my blood which was extremely dirty and poisoning me. She asked me if i was willing to do everything in my power to change my life and i was.
For the next two hours Leonie gave me a complete run down of herbs i would have to find in the States to make an every other day tea and a new diet that i was to follow strictly for the following year.
I believed her (i am very cautious with doctors/healers normally as i had tried many looking for solutions) and immediately created my life around her dietary and lifestyle insights.
For someone that has lived in pain, you will understand when i say i went from an 8-9 pain level, never with continuous sleep at night to living at a 1-2 pain level day and night in the first year. It really was the beginning of a huge path to changing my life.
Let me caution the excited reader that Leonie is not a magician. She gave me the tools to do the work i needed if i wanted to live healthier and pain free. It took tremendous discipline to change what was effecting me but living a life in pain is no life so for me there was no other option.
I have never met someone that was able to diagnosis me so quickly and help me to have such a profound affect in my life.
I consider Leonie to have be a true teacher and mentor for me. I feel blessed to know that she is out there in the world.

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