Maggie O’Brien

My pregnancy journey began in Ireland. I spent the first 5 ½ months there receiving prenatal care at Wexford General Hospital. I met different doctors and midwives every time. They would call my name off a list and do their jobs as if on autopilot. Some even made snide remarks about my lifestyle choices- being a vegetarian and living in Peru was unacceptable to them. I hated going there.
When I arrived back in the Valley I arranged to see Leonie. It was so nice to arrive at her beautiful home surrounded by nature, and be greeted with a smile, a hug, a kiss and a pat on the belly. This was exactly what I had been missing! Somebody who remembered my name and showed genuine concern for me and my baby’s well-being.
For the next few months she answered all our questions and gave us so much support. She even came to the scan with us in Cuzco. When my contractions started, we weren’t sure if it was the real thing or not- but she still came. I had read a lot about orgasmic birthing and had even tried some hypnobabies self-hypnosis in the months before. What a waste of time! Beautiful as it was, giving birth to my baby pushed me beyond the limits of the boundaries of my imagination. Leonie was so strong and calm during the whole experience. It was as if nothing could shake her. When I cried out that my water had broken, she smiled and said ‘okay, good’. She was so mindful and respectful of me and Michael’s space and experience. When I felt tired she made me a ’magic bath’ with herbs to let me relax and restore my energy. I felt really safe and supported throughout the whole experience.
For the delivery itself, I could decide how and where I wanted to be. Leonie held my hands and encouraged me during the tough moments. My baby was given the opportunity to arrive in his own time- at home with candles and people who love him, without metal tools, loud noises, blinding bright lights and blue plastic. He didn’t even cry when he came out! It was the most amazing night of my life.
Thank you Leonie for everything you did for me and my family- for this beautiful birth. We love you!

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