Irene Janssen

I have askes Leonie for help a few times when my girls were feeling bad because of parasites. One time I went for some problems I had and just the other day I called her in panic, after one of my doughters drank a bottle of Paracetamol.
Leonie takes her time to get all the information she needs. She is kind and calm. My doughters can be shy, but because Leonie has respect for the personality of a child, they have felt relaxed while they were examened.
Medicine always included herbs and herbal teas and for that, an adjustment in the diet.

During my last ´panic´ call I mentioned before, Leonie told me what I could do and what to expect afterwards.. and said; «don´t worry mamita, it will be ok» The thing is, when SHE says it, you know it will be ok.

An experienced and kind mix between a witch and a doctor!

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