This is the birth Story, my first One and I did not know what really to expect, even sometimes I didn’t wanted to know everything either, I just trusted that my Body knows the process better than my mind.
It was a week after my calculated due date , a sunday, when I woke up at night because of a light pain in my belly. At the bathroom I saw a bit of blood, for a moment I got a rush of worry but decided to go back to bed and talk to Leonie the next day.Next Morning I told my partner what was happening, next I called Leonie, when we got to her house she explained us that I was showing the plug, she explained that happens sometimes before and sometimes during birth. Now I was starting to have mild contractions. But as I didn’t know when it will really pick up, I tried to relax myself and tried to catch up some sleep at night, but even with mild contractions also the thought of when it will really start came up. And because of that I did not sleep very good for 2 nights. On tuesday morning, after waking up, I started with contractions of every hour and than I knew, tonight I will give birth!. I tried to keep it «cool», eat a little breakfast , took a shower. And than my Beloved and me started to get ready the house for the birth, with sacred smoke plants for cleaning the energy, an offering to the spirits of the land and from the peruvian mountains all around us, we asked to welcome and support the birth of our baby. By the afternoon I had a contraction every 40 to 30 minutes, my partner started pumping up the pool that Leonie gave us , having it all ready at home. We filled it up and started to play around with the water. At 6 pm, Leonie and Marley arrived at the house, settling all the birth equipment up, they checked my vitals and baby’s heart tones and than told me that they are going to be in the upstairs rooms, and that we should call whenever I feel like and need her.
I really appriciate it that they had given me the space to be alone with my Beloved in this «birth ceremony».
I remember myself having more and more and stronger contractions each time and sometimes not knowing what to do with myself. I was walking up and down in the room, trying to sleep, and walking again.. When the contraction became that strong that I didn’t know how to deal with them anymore, I called Leonie. When she walked in I remember telling her that I am not going to make this and Leonie said: good, you are at a good point, you are close. Than she explained me how to breath, we did it together. That really helped a lot and changed the whole process. I can’t remember if I ever had such strong sounds and screaming like this before in my Life. I was standing and holding my Partners shoulders and planting with each contraction my nails into his skin. He was amazing, supportive, steel and presently silence. I kept breathing the way Leonie showed me and we got it good together. It did not take long and my water broke, like a baloon full of water, exploding in between my legs.
After that the pain became stronger, I felt Everything around me becoming unreal.
Leonie and Marley helped me to go back into the water, meantime my partner was helping with more warm water in that cold mountain night. I was so happy in the water, not feeling the pressure from my body anymore. I lost the sense of time, only remembering my partner coming into the pool, supporting me from the back. I remember that Leonie tried to feed me some pieces of banana with honey, I was not hungry but needed some strenght.
In one of my contraction I remember thinking «now I understand why women want to have C sections, next time I will so too, no even better, there is no next time…… Suddenly I had the urge to push, remembering to hold back a bit for not tearing. I tried this but it was almost impossible. Next I heard Leonie saying» here is the head coming, one more push and the head was out, next push and she was all out. Leonie put my daughter instantly on my chest, there she was a real small human, quiet, just opening and closing her eyes and than a snize . I remember myself thinking»so here you are after all this time in my belly and you are bigger than I thought you would be»
3.03 a.m. our little girl was born strong and healthy and went straight into the arms of her mom and dad, with a beautiful song in the background. We waited before cord stopped pulsing and than my partner cutted it. Marley took my daughter to wrap her in blankets, my partner assisted her. Meantime Leonie helped me to sit up and deliver the placenta. THan she helped me out of the pool and checked quikly my vagina, I had a very small tear, no need for stiches, only some herbs on. Shortly after I tried to breastfeed our little girl, it worked out instantly so much love started to raise in my heart, holding this little angel!
Then Leonie prepared the placenta and invited both of us to eat, I thought first it would be horrible, but it was actually very good!. I can say, that my birth experience was as I was dreaming of it.
JUst my partner next to me, Leonie and Marley. Giving us a lot of space , but also the support that was needed.
I will be always grateful for this. Thank you both very much.

With Love, Agoma from Greece and Bijo from Israel and Nayeli from Peru

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